Chainsaw Carving full size Moose, half way done.

Chainsaw Carved Moose half way done. Follow me on here and Facebook under 3B Creative Carvings to see finished BULL Moose.

3 thoughts on “Chainsaw Carving full size Moose, half way done.”

    1. Hello Barbara, the bull moose will vary in price on size, time, and if its a cow or a bull moose. Price range is $5000-$8000. You can also give me your budget price you want to be in, and I can make special order. Thank you for writing. Elise


    2. Hello BARBARA!! I had him sold before he was done. Cost depends on size, time, etc. Anywere from $5000-$10,000. If you are interested, feel free to text me and I can put you down on a moose watch list…. thats pretty funny. Anyways, I don’t obligate anyone to any specific carving as they all come out different. A deposit shows me your a serious customer and will give you first dibs on a moose. 603-759-4606. Thank you, Elise
      I also am on Facebook at 3B Creative Carvings


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