Facebook Site

I have a facebook site that I post all my new carvings on. And, I do live videos and videos on chainsaw carving bears. See what I have by following me there. Name is 3B Creative Carvings by Elise Ford.

Epoxy side table on a White Birch Round w rounds inside. < Sold >

Also inside Epoxy is colored Epoxy lake color below and glowing led lights that illuminate inside and below for a stunning ambiance. Selling for $245. And I have this whole white birch log to make about 10 more. Can add anything you want inside the hollowed out log. Call text or email if you want this one, or a special order. Thank you. 603-759-4606 . I also take Venmo, credit cards thru square, and paypal.

Signs and stools for special orders and weddings

Here are a few examples of special orders for signs or stools or signing boards for those hard to buy special people or special occasion as a wedding or an anniversary. A signing board Is the newest thing to have a special design on it with their name and established date whether it’s a wedding anniversary except era and then people can make little notes on it urethane it, hang on the wall to always be a happy visual instead of a book that goes in a drawer never to be seen again. Send me an email or give me a text or call 603-759-4606.