My personal Moment to say “THANK YOU!!” Please Read, and share the kindness.

Ok, so I have to say I had a very wonderful time at the craft fair this weekend. I met a TON of wonderful Vendors, and sold some items too, but the best moments were when people would tell me what beautiful work I have and how unique it is. I really appreciate all the kind words. The best best moment was donating my carving to the animal shelter, and a saluting soldier to the Legion and meeting so many wonderful people who have served and still serving. I know this is long, but just keep reading, it gets better. So one older man w a veteran hat on was admiring my carvings with a deep thought. I asked how he liked my carvings, he looked deep in thought as he looked at my soldier saluting. He said, you know, seeing these carvings brings be back to my childhood. My father would widdle out by hand some carvings while I sat on his lap and watched it take shape. It’s amazing how far it has come. So we talked for a while and he was mentioning how he got hip surgery. I told him, that was coming for me some day, and how I was reluctantly scared to go. He took the time to look up his doctor, and gave me some strengthening exercises, and boy, just 5 min. I felt we had known each other for years. Him and his wife were so nice to me. So before we parted ways, I said wait a minute, I want to give you something. He said I dont need anything, I said no, you wait, ran over, got the soldier carving he admired and that brought him back to a simpler day, and said, this is for you, it’s not much, but it’s my little token to THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for your sevice, your sacrifice and for being so kind to a stranger like me. He stopped having to catch his breath from crying and gave me a big hug. “Thank you” he said, I said, No, thank YOU.
At that moment, my day was complete. Little acts of kindness goes a long way to those who have been forgotten. Please thank ALL service men and women. It only takes a few minutes.
Thanks for listening.

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